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  • Farm business consultants
    with a focus on solutions and profitability

  • Farm business consultants
    with a focus on solutions and profitability

    Farm consultants and benchmarking
  • Farm business consultants
    with a focus on solutions and profitability

    Holmes Sackett farm consulting

How does your farm stack up?


Farm Consultancy


If it is important for you to achieve sustainable high levels of profitability from your farm business then we start from a common base.

For information on any of our services, or to discuss your individual needs, please contact the Holmes Sackett office.

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Agricultural Consultancy and Benchmarking

Holmes Sackett provide consulting and benchmarking services to corporate
and family farm asset owners and managers, the rural finance sector, government and
industry bodies and the agricultural services sector.

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you with expert advice.


  • Feasibility Studies
  • Strategic Planning
  • Economic Loss Assessment
  • Applied Research & Development
  • Farm Management Services
  • Grazing Systems
03 Sep 20
Farm expansion opportunities don't always present themselves at the right stage of the business cycle. Prepare your business for action when the time is right.
This webinar is for producers who are interested in finding out more about this opportunity.
For up and coming livestock producers ready to build their skills and confidence to manage a modern agricultural business. Subsidy available.
The Farm Staff series provides farm employers with the skills and knowledge to better attract, reward and retain farm staff.

Farm Benchmarking

identify how benchmarking can help you.

Send me my benchmarking ranking Send me my benchmarking ranking

Farm benchmarking analyses business performance and provides the
basis of good decision making to achieve additional profit.  

By identifying what the best producers are achieving from similar farms,
benchmarking will enable you to accurately understand how much room
there is for you to improve.

All farm information remains confidential and anonymous.



Benchmark your farm – join a group with producers in your region and learn from the best performers. How it works

Over 175 benchmarked farms

in south eastern Australia

Learn about benchmarking

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