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Farm Benchmarking

Standard benchmarking analyses the productivity of the whole farm business and individual enterprises within the farm. The results and their financial consequences are co..
Joining or starting a benchmarking group is a great way to improve the relevance of benchmarks. Comparison to farms in the same geographic area allows more of the noise generated by variation in rainf...
Realising opportunities through effective planning. Benchmarking the budget enables you to submit your budget through the benchmarking input forms. You then receive your budget back in a benchmark format and incorporate...
Opportunity for goat producers to benchmark their business at no cost. Sixty commercial goat producers can have their operation fully benchmarked against the average and top 20% of goat businesses.
A snap-shot of the 3 options available for benchmarking your farm business.
"Benchmarking our business with Holmes Sackett for almost 20 years has been by far our best return on investment..."

Identify your potential farm profit

Holmes Sackett benchmarks more agricultural businesses than any other firm in eastern Australia. With over 20 years of production and financial data across different regions, Holmes Sackett sets the standard for industry benchmarks.

Benchmarking brings objectivity to the analysis of performance and identifies the strengths and weaknesses of the business. The value of benchmarking is in providing the basis for good decision making to achieve additional profit. Substantial increases in profit are readily attainable through implementation of benchmarking analysis.

What is benchmarking?

Holmes Sackett farm benchmarking analyses the base productivity of each individual farm enterprise as well as the business on a whole. Individual farm benchmarking results and their financial consequences are compared to the results of other farms ranked into average and top 20%.

There are three ways to benchmark your farm business:

  • Standard farm benchmarking - analyse your past business performance
  • Budget farm benchmarking - analyse your potential future business performance
  • Farm group benchmarking - joining (or starting) a group is a great way to improve the relevance of benchmarks 

Benchmarking can be completed on a:

  • Calendar year (January to December)
  • Production year (April to March)
  • Financial year (July to June)

To understand and discuss what is required to complete the benchmarking process please contact Courtney Cheers on 0482 023 965 or email

Additional time will be necessary for first-time benchmarkers as the processes and requirements may be unfamiliar.

As a participant you will receive:

  • Farm business management report - compare whole farm and individual enterprise performance to the standard benchmarks.
  • Access to an interpretation service - engage Holmes Sackett agricultural consultants to help interpret results and develop strategies to improve profitability.

Holmes Sackett understands that the information provided is commercially sensitive and has developed a protocol to prevent identification of individual farm businesses.

Benchmarking Registration 

(please download this PDF onto your computer to enable electronic registration and emailing) 

Benchmarking Input Form

(please download the input form to your computer to begin your benchmarking input)