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Holmes Sackett is an agricultural consultancy business based in Wagga Wagga in southern NSW.

We provide consulting and benchmarking services to corporate and family farms, the rural finance sector, industry research & development bodies and the agricultural services sector.

Holmes Sackett improves the profitability of farm businesses through the provision of quality information, services and advice for client businesses. We have a comprehensive understanding of the range of issues faced by producers across south-east Australia and we provide objective and practical solutions.

Holmes Sackett manages a farm benchmarking database that records the production and financial performance of 170 businesses from across south eastern Australia. Benchmarking participants come from NSW, Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia and Queensland.


Holmes Sackett provides a unique service that combines benchmarking data, farm economics and finance with the science of production systems to help our clients improve their profitability and to grow their farm business.

Our expertise generates value for clients via one-on-one consultancy, group consultancy, industry-driven project work, workshop content development and delivery as well as public speaking engagements and industry presentations.

Senior Consultancy Role available  
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