Top 7 Label Design Trends to Look Out for in 2023

Product labelling is essential for attracting customers and sharing product information. An eye-catching label design differentiates your product from the competition and makes your brand unforgettable in the minds of your customers.

So, let’s discuss Label Design Trends! Changes in the design industry are uncertain. Most trends persist for decades, while others vanish in a single inhalation of smoke.

Then, some patterns change over time and expand. We believe all designers should be aware of and prepare for upcoming trends.

Here are 7 Label Design Trends for 2023:

  1. Simple, Bold, and Visible Rocks:

Going back to the basics is a recurring theme. You can expect this year’s edition to be more transparent and appealing to buyers.

Reducing the components used in your print bottle labels enhances the products as long as it communicate the overall concept.

In today’s fast-paced world, customers need more time to investigate every product label available. As a result, it is recommended that you concentrate on the necessities and ensure that you assist clients in making a well-informed decision. The product shines when your label design is sleek and productive.

  1. Use Custom Lettering:

It’s no secret that practically every designer enjoys creating something from scratch and getting innovative. Manufacturers decide to design everything from scratch to achieve an organic effect. Consider fluid defects, such as uneven limes, or natural texture fills, which enable a product to stand out from others and give it a distinct non-digital appearance.

The warmth offered by this type of food label printing helps emotionally connect the customer to the product. In any case, hand-lettering will significantly recur in the following years.

  1. Consider Colors Your Friend:

Colours, as we all know, are essential to generating sentiments and can substantially impact a buying decision. As a result, colours have always played a significant part in label layout choices.

Designers are currently noticed playing with colours in new and intriguing ways. We can see exceptional and colourful hues have started showing up at the storefronts.

You can use colours, in particular, for distinguishing multiple versions within a specific product group. The consumer may often need to remember the name or quantity of the goods, but they do remember what colour it was.

As a result, it enhances the buyer’s perception of the product to an entirely different level, and designers are taking it more seriously than ever before: when words fail, colours illustrate their worth.

  1. Repeat the Pattern:

Using a carefully selected and beautiful layout in your label design can transform your product appearance from ordinary to ethereal. It may appear that implementing a recurrent design is a relatively easy concept. However, this method may be extremely vibrant and appealing when you use it correctly.

You can send an important message when you reuse a visual pattern that captures the soul of your business. It doesn’t matter if your design is hysterical, bold, or recurring; more crucial is that it creates a strong identity and that your customers recognize your print bottle labels.

  1. Using Illustrations to Tell a Story:

Every label design has a backstory. People look for and appreciate those stories with which they can connect.

Label designs are now beginning to feature narrative graphics. Today’s label designers must be current on industry trends and understand how to select a precise label size.

This design style is truly fantastic as it has the capacity to take you to a magical realm, and there are many patterns available in the market with amazing visuals. These graphics have the ability to convey a strong message while also taking you to a cheerful atmosphere.

After a long time, illustrations appear to reclaim their rightful places in graphic designers’ arsenals. The coming year will undoubtedly bring content-rich and meticulously produced illustrations that can remind us of long-forgotten stories or give us an overview of fresh ones.

  1. Use Sweet and Vintage Mailing Style:

People used to find pleasure in tiny things before the globe had the internet and faster transit. Do you recall how exciting it was to receive something in the mail?

This kind of event is becoming increasingly rare. However, it appears that the following year is ideal for re-launching the concept. We could save the day with food label printing and packaging design!

Companies such as Kokomo employ such methods to personalise stamps for their coffee blends and make their product appear authentic.

This distinctive aesthetic evokes nostalgia in the customer and distinguishes the goods. Isn’t this one of the hottest trends at the moment?

  1. Die-Cutting Magic:

Traditional packaging conceals the contents, but modern designers are experimenting with inventive die cuts while developing an innovative label.

The label designers attempt to demonstrate their product to gain benefit and trustworthiness. Die cuts can be used in plenty of ways. It is distinct from replicating a brand’s symbol, creating comical shapes, and designing beautiful patterns.

You can use die cuts to display your product uniquely. You might have a buyer pause and take an interest in your product. Die-cuts will undoubtedly boost the amount of consumers you attract.


We hope you’re now ready to embrace the labels with all the design trends we’ve discussed. It appears that 2023 will be an outstanding year for designers, and while new trends will emerge, it seems like previous patterns will also reemerge.