Things About Waterhog Floor Mats You Should Know

One of the top names in the mat business is Waterhog. Customers that use residential and business mats adore Waterhog matting products. Waterhog floor mats are available in many different designs. These mats are primarily used to collect dirt, mud, trash, and wetness from people’s shoes when they enter the house from the outside. You can place our Waterhog interior mats everywhere in the house. These mats beautify the home, safeguard the floors, and enhance comfort throughout. On sidewalks and outdoor stairways, Waterhog outdoor masts can be installed.

Some of these outdoor mats are heated floor mats, so when it’s chilly outside, they may melt snow. Any business can have its name or logo printed on a Waterhog logo mat to market its products and promote its brand. In commercial buildings, Waterhog logo mats can be strategically positioned anywhere from the lobby to the elevators and hallways. You will learn five crucial points regarding Waterhog floor mats today.

Thermoplastic Polymers Are Used To Make Them

Heavy-duty thermostatic polymers are used to make the majority of Waterhog floor mats. Others are constructed of polypropylene, while others are composed of polyethylene. These two plastic polymers are the most widely utilized in the world and are exceptionally robust and long-lasting. These thermoplastic polymers are very easy to clean and highly stain resistant. Some waterhog floor mats are made completely of polypropylene, which is UV-resistant.

They Are Supported By Sturdy Rubber

The strengthen bi-level rubber backing on the majority of Waterhog floor mats prevents curling and cracking in any weather. Depending on the type of your floors, you should always pick the appropriate backing. For carpeted floors, there is a cleated backing, and for hard floor surfaces including vinyl, asphalt, wood, concrete, marble, linoleum, tile, and terrazzo, there is a smooth backing. For the best movement control in high-risk regions, some Waterhog floor mats incorporate Anchor Safe backing.

Possess A Special “Water Dam” Border

The distinctive “water dam” border, which enables the mats to retain up to 1.5 gallons of water per square yard, is one distinguishing feature of all Waterhog mats. Whether it be rain, sleet, hail, or snow, the mat can contain this much water. Additionally, this border makes sure that dirt and liquid stay on the mat.

They Work Well

The floor mats made by Waterhog are quite useful. They offer more than just the fundamental mat functions. For instance, Waterhog mats are excellent in removing moisture, mud, and other contaminants from shoes. On damp, slippery surfaces, the mats are also quite efficient at ensuring floor safety. When you walk on the mat, you won’t slip and fall thanks to their precisely crafted backings, which increase traction on the floor. Some Waterhog floor mats are heated, while others have anti-fatigue features.

A Large Number Of Options

Waterhog mats are available in a wide range of dimensions, forms, hues, and surface patterns.

Depending on your formatting needs, you can select any sort of mat. Even waterhog mats produced to order are available with the face printed with your company’s logo. There are countless options.

Provides Security

Increasing workplace safety Dust and filth will be reduced in the workplace thanks to commercial carpets. They can be harmful and dangerous in many sectors. Accident risk can be decreased and accidents can be avoided by using matting solutions. The rubber backing on Waterhog mats prevents them from sliding. This is a fantastic approach to safeguard your workers and reduce accidents.

Show That You Care

Making it clear that your company cares about keeping both customers and staff safe, healthy, comfortable, and happy is a sign of professionalism. Your promise will be kept, and customers who come into your store will know you care about them.